Speaker & Thought Leader | Keryn Paviour-Smith – Panel with Sue Howse – Recruitment through a Different Lens

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  • Speaker & Thought Leader | Keryn Paviour-Smith – Panel with Sue Howse – Recruitment through a Different Lens

Keryn is an expert in Talent Acquisition including centralised in-house and both RPO (Recruitment ProcessOutsourcing for permanent recruitment), MSP (Managed Service Provider for contingent labour hire)Talent Acquisition and generalist Human Resources. Keryn has held regional roles in in-house Talent Acquisition and HR Business Partnering across EMEA and APAC and has worked with large US-headquartered multi-nationals across a range of industries including online travel, banking and finance, management consulting and not-for-profit.  Keryn is a proud Kiwi and still supports the All Blacks.

Roundtable topic:

Recruitment through a Different Lens – Panel with Sue Howse – Black Diamond. 

Key takeaways include:

Company’s demands varying depending upon their short, med & long term talent needs; geographic footprint and uniqueness of skills they need to attract to their organisation.

Overlay this with the ever-increasing access to data and information (quickly and with ease) and a clients level of sophistication is like never before.

Clients are more informed and often can independently access the information Recruitment Agencies have traditionally provided as a service or value-add. How do you stay relevant to your clients in the current and future landscape? We explore how the needs of hiring managers, TA/HR and procurement differ when viewing how they bring talent into an organisation.

Candidates are the supply side of the equation and candidate behaviours are changing. The way workers want to, and often choose to work is based upon their individual needs. They will make choices about where they work and what Co’s they work with on vastly differing needs. Likewise, candidates also have access to vast data and information relating to organisations, brands, their culture, benefits and all at their finger-tips.

This segment, Recruitment through a Different Lens takes an outside-in look at recruitment. We explore the view of Talent Acquisition with Keryn and she will help us understand the priorities she, her team, her business and experiences tell us about Company needs. Simon will provide insights to candidate behaviours that are consistently occurring and emerging candidate behaviours to understand in order to get ahead of the curve.

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