Recruitment Yarns is not your typical conference and is not a death by power-point show or a forum for vendors to sell to you! 

You have the flexibility of choosing whom you wish to engage with so planning your experience is easy and comfortable. 

Recruitment Yarns is a Not-forProfit event with all proceeds provided to our wonderful charities. Of course, your ticket admission price is fully tax deductable! 

We’ve got your recruitment business needs covered. Hot topics include technology, social media, industry benchmarking, growth stories, talent retention, engagement and development, workforce management, business management, compliance and risk mitigation. 

Our key note speakers will cover subjects such as career pathways, leadership, technology adoption, mental health in the workplace, outsourcing strategies and social media. 

A post “Yarns” networking opportunity is provided to all guests for a few drinks at the conclusion of the event


Recruitment Yarns is a Recruitment Industry specific roadshow series that travels across Australia and New Zealand during the months of May and June each year. In 2018 we are also pleased to announce our forthcoming tour to Singapore in October.

Yarns has been specifically designed for owners and leaders of boutique and medium sized agencies. This practical event offers participants an important opportunity to explore fresh ideas and concepts for their business in conversation with hand-picked industry specialists with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

The events take the format of afternoon roundtable sessions similar to speed networking where attendees can pick and choose the subjects they wish to learn more about or that are specifically relevant to their business

Two Key note speakers provide unique insights during the afternoon session where the audience can explore at a deeper level some of the hottest subjects and trends for your business

The casual nature of the series is designed to encourage collaboration and interaction for our constituency to gain insights to help your business thrive!

A post “Yarns” networking opportunity is provided to all guests for a few drinks at the conclusion of the event


The concept of Recruitment Yarns was born in 2016 by our founder; Col Levander a 25- year veteran of the APAC recruitment industry. Col’s vision was to bring leaders together in an environment that encouraged open networking and collaboration without being ‘Sold too” by suppliers and vendors like a typical conference setting.

The Yarns concept is about our community, the community that is under attack by change and we hope to provide a forum that enables your business to continue in a sustainable form.

Our vision has always been to give rather than take and 2018 welcomes the introduction of two charities in each of Australia and New Zealand. You can be assured that your involvement will contribute in making a difference to someone’s life less fortunate than our own.


For years we have attended conferences and been subjected to death by power-point slide shows and where burning and possibly sensitive questions simply cannot be asked to those facilitating their sessions. What’s worse is that we are subjected to sales people as we are herded like cattle when having lunch or our morning and afternoon breaks. Yarns has been likened to “speed-dating”; where its activity provides all participants the opportunity to engage openly with industry experts that cover a range of critical industry topics that will suit the life-cycle of all boutique and medium size recruitment organisations. We truly wanted to create a non-intrusive learning environment opportunity for our guests to learn from each other and take away not one but many invaluable tips and tricks that help their business thrive. Recruitment Yarns has certainly achieved that and is now etched in the Recruitment Industry calendar of events each year in Australia and New Zealand.

Yarns is something I’m very proud of in my personal and professional life and clearly by the way it has been embraced by our industry we have certainly created something special”.

Col Levander FRCSA

Founder- Recruitment Yarns

What Should I Wear?
Recruitment Yarns is a casual event but given that it operates during our business day, many guests will be dressed for work, however smart casual attire is also welcome.
What Food and Refreshments are Served?
Given the time of day, we will be providing tea and coffee and/or juice & soft drinks only during the event and alcoholic beverages between 5pm- 6.30pm after the event. There will be no food served so you don’t have to worry about dietary requirements!
Will There Be Networking Opportunities?
Recruitment Yarns is a casual event but given that it operates during our business day, many guests will be dressed for work, however smart casual attire is also welcome.
Should I Bring A Pen And Paper
No - There will be no requirement for this as these will be provided free of charge
Why the Ticket Price?
During our first two years, RY was a free event thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. We, of course, still have sponsors supporting us which is terrific however Yarns is about giving and as such our initiative to assist people in our community less fortunate than ourselves via a minimal ticket cost has been introduced in 2018. Recruitment Yarns is a Not-for-profit initiative. All ticket sale proceeds will be directed to our two wonderful charities; Assistance Dogs Australia and Mobility Dogs New Zealand
What is an Un-Conference
Without referring to Wikipedia, RY’s casual nature without a “sell fest” underpins the success of the event. All hosts and speakers are willing participants who are eager to share their insights and experience to help you succeed! Yarns is about collaboration.
Will Vendors and Suppliers to Our Industry Be There?
Only those that are sponsors/ hosts. We monitor registrations carefully and do not allow attendees from outside of our target group; that is Owners and business leaders of Recruitment agencies.
About the Event - How Does It Run?
Our events commence just after lunch each day with some opening words, round table speed-networking with two key note speakers featuring @ 2.05pm and 3.25pm. For more information see your location’s event run sheet.
Check In and Registration on the Day?
We will be on deck from 12.15 each day at each venue.
What Can I Expect?
You can expect a fun filled relaxed atmosphere that delivers key and important take aways and messages for all of our participants. The theme of yarns is “Learn, Share and Thrive".
Can I Select Who I Want To Listen To/Sit Next To?
Absolutely, Yarns has been designed to provide a broad but poignant opportunity for all of our guests to engage with key hosts and speakers. We have done our best to provide as much information pre-event as possible so you can come prepared and maximise your time whilst with us!
What Will I Receive About The Event?
In this digital age, we try and manage things with the environment in mind. Posts and blogs and information sharing (where appropriate) will be provided to all of our guests including contact details of our wonderful, hosts, speakers and sponsors. We encourage you to get social with us by following us through our social channels below. This will ensure that you don’t miss a trick pre/ post and during the Recruitment Yarns tour.
I Think Your Causes Are Wonderful - How Can I Donate More?
We really appreciate you thinking of us and the charities we support. You can share these links here amongst your team and colleagues:

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Mobility Dogs New Zealand/
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