What is it?

  • Recruitment Yarns is a local Australian and New Zealand roadshow series.
  • Designed specifically for owners and leaders of boutique and medium sized agencies, this practical event offers participants an important opportunity to explore fresh ideas and concepts for their business in conversation with hand-picked industry specialists with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.
  • The series takes the format of morning roundtable sessions and at some venues, the opportunity to explore some subjects at a deeper level at an afternoon masterclass.
  • The casual nature of the series is designed to encourage interaction and gain insight to help your business thrive.

Why You Should Attend

  • Recruitment Yarns is completely free.
  • You have the flexibility of choosing to attend the morning roundtable session, afternoon masterclasses (where applicable) or both.
  • We’ve got your recruitment business needs covered. Hot topics include technology, social media, industry benchmarking, cashflow, compliance, immigration, insurance, standards, training, outsourcing, workforce management, superannuation, accounting and finance.

Your Recruitment Yarns Hosts